eberspacher d8L xl3 24v 8kw diesel heater

£3,500.00 including VAT

eberspacher d8L xl3 24v 8kw diesel heater


eberspacher d8L xl3 24v 8kw diesel heater with install kit.

this kit comes with
d8L xl3 diesel heater
pro controller
100mm hood
exhaust and intake
clips and clamps

Eberspacher Airtronic XL3 D8L 24V Diesel heater

Power consumption (W): 130
LxBxH (mm): 493x160x170
temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
Tension (V): 24
Weight (kg): 8.5

New Features:
* New combustion chamber concept => modular construction with bottom evaporator and laser welded
* Flame tube allows for new mounting positions
* Improved heat exchanger design => better air flow
* Optimization of the position of the internal temperature sensor – it now fits optimally in all variants
* airflow and improves handling behavior.
* Sensor controlled start sequence (only from heating facelift) => reduced energy consumption as a result
* Possible new mounting positions
* CAN / LIN / S+ interface for all variants
* Automatic altitude adjustment function up to 3000 m

Features carried over from Airtronic 2:
* Compact size
* Eberspächer CAN bus technology
* Operation with EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web CAN-based controls
* EasyScan for convenient configuration and diagnostics
* LIN interface (12V)
* S+ interface (12 V+24 V) Dynamic, continuous regulation of heat output
* With ADR support (24 V version)
* Airtronic L3 is currently suitable for altitudes up to 3000 m