eberspacher d6L 12v airtronic 3

£1,450.00 including VAT



The latest generation of air heaters, Airtronic 3  which are quieter, more energy efficient and even more efficient and a new user-friendly control unit, EasyStart Pro. Eberspächer Airtronic D6 replaces the faithful Airtronic D5 after many years in service, now with more power, more compact design and stepless power output.


  • 6KW Heater
  • Cabling
  • Easystart Pro controls
  • Dosing pump with holder and fuel line
  • 1m exhaust and silencer
  • 1ntake with silencer
  • Various screws and mounting details
  • 90mm hood, 0.5M ducting, 90mm air outlet

A combination of high comfort and low noise level on the new Airtronic heaters guarantees a pleasant and relaxing feeling on board. They heat the interior to the desired temperature and “do the job” more quietly and efficiently than their predecessors. The dynamic and stepless regulation of the heating effect provides fast heat, high comfort, lower power consumption and a much lower noise level.

User-friendly and multifunctional control unit, EasyStart Pro is a new optimized control unit with elegant design combined with user-friendly functions. The integrated temperature sensor enables the temperature to be regulated exactly as desired. The display together with the multi-colored LED ring around the control button shows whether the heating or ventilation mode is activated. The control unit also has a “settings assistant” that further simplifies start-up.

Facts about the new air heaters – Airtronic

  • High comfort and pleasantly low noise level thanks to stepless regulation of the heating effect and newly developed and quiet fuel pump
  • Communication/interface: CAN, LIN (12 V only), S+
  • Doubled lifespan with brushless fan motor
  • Fully compatible with the new EasyStart Pro control unit
  • Starts in temperatures down to -40 °C


Brand Eberspächer
Width mm 438
Depth mm 160
Hight mm 170
Voltage V 24
Weight Kg 6,8
Heating effect W 1500-6000
Fuelconsumption L/Tim 0,12-0,49