D2l / S2 with Easystart pro Controller and Universal Internal Fitting Kit

£900.00 including VAT

brand new 2019 eberspacher d2l s2 diesel heater with easystart pro controller and full t5/6 fitting kit (other kits are in stock also)

The Airtronic D2L is supplied as a full kit with everything you need to install it to you vehicle. This includes:

  • The new D2L is approx. 90% quieter than the previous D2 model
  • The new D2L model features a brushless motor providing 5000 hours service life against 3000 hours for the previous D2 model!
  • Internal turret plate fitting kit (under drivers or passenger seat etc)
  • Eberspacher Airtronic D2L 12v heater unit with fuel pump and holder
  • All wiring harness for vehicle with fuse holder
  • Eberspacher EasyStart Pro operation switch
  • fuel stand pipe to fit in the fuel sender
  • Exhaust with silencer
  • Combustion air inlet pipe
  • Hot air ducting
  • Ancillary hardware
  • All required clips, screws, and clamps

this kit will fit almost any vehicle



[Translate to en-us:] easystart pro ? das intelligente fest installierte bedienelement


  • Intuitive navigation with control knob
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Up to two heaters can be operated separately, or two identical heaters (Airtronic or Hydronic) can be operated as a group
  • Simple diagnostics function in text form for users
  • Detailed diagnostics function for the workshop
  • Integrated residual-heat function for Hydronic heaters: efficient heating mode by using the engine?s residual heat
  • Altitude mode can be activated manually above 1,500 m (Hydronic S3 Economy)
  • Easy-to-read system status display (home screen)
  • Timer function: up to three programming locations available
  • Display and LED color ring for clear status detection in all operating conditions
  • Endless heater operating time can be set (Airtronic and Hydronic)


Airtronic s2/m2


  • Interfaces: CAN, LIN (only 12 V), S+
  • Service life 5,000 h
  • Brushless motor
  • Use of the latest EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web control units
  • Diagnostics and parameter assignment via EasyScan
  • Starting capability down to ?46 C
  • Stepless heating performance control
  • Noise emissions optimized
  • Use of acoustically improved metering pump
  • Integrated altitude sensor:
    – Automatic altitude adjustment up to 3,000 m
    – Optimized combustion

Additional features:

  • Universal installation kit for all versions
  • Air scoops provided separately to the installation kit
  • Metering pump included in delivery with Airtronic S2/M2
  • Identical to Airtronic 1:
    – installation positions
    – repair and spare parts
    – installation space and mechanical interfaces (air, exhaust and combustion air)
  • Heating-air connection diameters:
    – 2 kW: 60 mm and 75 mm
    – 4 kW: 75 mm and 90 mm
  • ADR compatibility of the 24 V versions

fitting fee is £300