Autoterm Planar 2d with Timer Controller


Autoterm Planar 2D is a compact heater model produced by heating experts Autoterm. This heating system can be used in crew cabins and work spaces of motorhomes, commercial vans and trucks as well as boats that are up to 10m long.
Capacity of the heater is between 0.8 kW and 2 kW which makes it capable of heating up to 75m3 of air per hour while maintaining a economic level of diesel (0.1 l – 0.24 l diesel consumption per hour). This model is 12v.

This kit is supplied with a 7 day timer, instead of the standard controller and also the new silent fuel pump


Kit Contents

Air heater
Silent Fuel pump 12v
Power supply cable
Air intake hose with silencer
Clamp for fuel pump with rubber gasket
Silencer with mounting kit
Heat insulation
7 Day Timer / Control
Fuel pump cable
Control panel wire
Fuel pump wire connector
Fuel stand pipe
L-shaped bracket for supporting the exhaust pipe
Connecting pipe nylon
Exhaust pipe 1 meter